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Our Vision

Our vision is to be an outstanding energy broker for commercial companies in the utility market by being professional and dedicated supporters of our customers.
Our goal is to provide the lowest possible energy bill and save our clients time and money.


Researching and finding the most suitable energy supplier may seem complex, time consuming and difficult to understand. Our market intelligence and expertise enables us to make this process easy and hassle free for our clients.

Exceptional Customer Service

We take pride in putting our clients and their requirements at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we hold an excellent customer retention rate, finding more of our clients referring us to assist with customers utility requirements.

The Personal Touch

We value our clients, so it’s important for us to ensure our customers receive the best. Our highly trained and experienced consultants and account managers will make sure that our clients receive full guidance and outstanding customer service from the beginning of an enquiry through to aftersales support.

Buying Power

We receive competitive rates due to the number of clients we deal with ensuring the best deals for our customers. This will vary from daily to weekly pricing sent from numerous suppliers.

Industry Professionals

Established in 1997, with over 2 decades of experience, we are proud to be one of the industry’s leading utility consultancies offering sound and reassuring guidance for your utility requirements. Let us do the market research and analysis to find you the best deal for your business both now and in the future.



Striving for excellence is an important part of our job. It involves putting quality in to everything we do for our customers.


We always conduct our consultancy fairly and honestly. All our communications are direct and transparent.


We work cohesively with our account managers, consultants, clients and energy suppliers. We believe in building firm, professional relationships with all of our stakeholders based on understanding, tolerance and cooperation.


Forward Energy relies on the active involvement of our experienced employees and constant support of our Director to create a mutual relationship with all of our clients.


We are considered a strong independent energy consultancy firm. The dedicated team and Director play a very active role in our organisation. This is also the driving force behind our business expansion and continuous success. Our skilful and professional Director and Consultants have an exceptional understanding of the ever evolving commercial utility market and are proud to have an excellent customer retention rate.